Cooper's story

For fifteen incredible years, our lives have been intertwined with the majesty of His Highness, Cooper. Through joys and sorrows, we've shared an unbreakable bond. The day our dachshund arrived in Latvia, it felt as if the heavens themselves celebrated with a grandiose fireworks display, as if paying homage to his royal presence. From that moment on, our journey with Cooper unfolded, filled with heartwarming memories.

Together, we embarked on puppy school and the excitement of his first exhibitions. Victories came effortlessly, and Cooper unwittingly earned the prestigious title of International Show Champion. His charm and charisma even garnered him marriage proposals, and from those unions, five charming "Coopereens" graced the world.

Then came a momentous day when Cooper played a pivotal role in uniting hearts, entrusted with the sacred task of delivering rings to the altar on his mistress's wedding day. Later, our dachshund faced even greater challenges, embracing the responsibility of raising two human children with unwavering love and care. Through every twist of fate, Cooper remained resolute, conquering life's trials with grace and devotion.

As the years passed, Cooper's commitment to his family expanded beyond bounds. A diligent and dedicated employee, he proudly "works" in the office almost every day, displaying a level of conscientiousness that rivals the best of human professionals. Despite the inevitable touch of old age, he preserves an unyielding zest for life, relishing in daily activities such as digging, swimming, and playful interactions with his cherished toys.

The abundance of experiences we shared with Cooper became so profound that "Cooper's Diary" was published, forever capturing his adventures, lessons, and timeless charm. His remarkable spirit stands as a testament to the exceptional nature of dachshunds, ceaselessly inspiring those fortunate enough to share their lives with these special dogs.

It is with great love and admiration for our dachshund companion that we established this online store, dedicated to celebrating the unique charm of dachshunds through a delightful collection of home decor items. As you explore our curated selection, remember that each purchase brings us closer to fulfilling Cooper's dream of establishing a Dachshund Museum—a place where the magic and wonder of these captivating canines can be cherished by generations to come.