Our story

At Doxies.Shop, we celebrate the memory of our beloved dachshund, Cooper, who has brought joy and love into our lives for almost 15 wonderful years now. As we honor his legacy, our mission is to create a space where dachshund enthusiasts can find unique and heartwarming home decor items that reflect the spirit of these delightful wiener dogs.

About Cooper:

Cooper is more than just a pet; he is a cherished member of our family. His quirky personality, unwavering loyalty, and boundless affection makes him a true companion. Throughout his life, Cooper brings endless smiles and memorable moments, making him an inseparable part of our lives. Now, as he crosses the threshold into his senior years, we want to ensure his legacy lives on and continues to bring happiness to others.

The Dream: A Dachshund Museum

Cooper's joyful spirit and the deep love we have for him inspire us to create something meaningful in his name. We envision establishing a Dachshund Museum, a haven where dachshund enthusiasts, dog lovers, and anyone with a heart for animals can come together to celebrate the remarkable bond between humans and their four-legged friends.


This museum will be a hub for dachshund history, art, education and perhaps even a fully functional guest house for you to stay in a museum like environment. It will house an extensive collection of dachshund-related memorabilia, artifacts, and artworks, spanning the history of these endearing wiener dogs. From ancient depictions to modern-day art, the Dachshund Museum will showcase the special place these dogs hold in our hearts and culture.

How You Can Help:

By shopping at Doxies.Shop, you are contributing to the realization of the Dachshund Museum dream. A significant portion of every purchase goes directly to funding this noble cause. Your support not only helps us remember Cooper's legacy but also enables us to give back to the community of dachshund enthusiasts by creating a space where they can share their passion and learn more about these delightful dogs.

Our Collection:

At Doxies.Shop, we curate a carefully selected range of dachshund-themed home decor items that embody the charm and playfulness of these lovable pups. Each piece is thoughtfully designed, ensuring that it adds a touch of joy to your living space while celebrating the spirit of dachshunds.

Browse through our collection of cozy dachshund-themed pillows, stylish wall art, adorable figurines, charming doormats, and more. Whether you're a dachshund owner, an admirer of these fascinating dogs, or someone seeking unique decor for your home, you'll find something special at Doxies.Shop.

Join the Journey:

Be a part of Cooper's Legacy by shopping at Doxies.Shop. As you bring these heartwarming dachshund home decor items into your life, you're not only adding joy to your surroundings but also contributing to a greater cause. Or you may support our mission to create the Dachshund Museum directly by donating.

Together, we can make Cooper's dream come true and create a lasting tribute to the incredible bond we share with our furry friends. Thank you for being a part of this meaningful journey.